The fastest and easiest way to implement digital signing in your applications!

SETCCE proXSign® is the most advanced set of cross-platform and multiple web-browser plug-ins for XML- and PDF-supported digital signing and/or encryption. It is compliant with globally recognized technical standards, as well as with EU directives.

On-line digital signing

Instantly deploy digital signing and data encryption over the internet for your WEB application with proXSign® BROWSER PLUG-INS.

Available as: ActiveX and NPRuntime components

Available for: Internet Explorer FireFox Chrome Opera
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Desktop digital signing and encryption

Use proXSign® advanced libraries to implement digital signing and encryption for your DESKTOP application.

Available as: COM or DLL components or Java libraries

Available for: Windows Linux
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Server digital signing, encryption and time stamping

Integrate digital signing and encryption as supported functionalities of your SERVER application with proXSign® server libraries.

Available as: COM or Java libraries

Available for: Windows Linux
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  • User-friendly
  • Supports advanced electronic signing according to EU legislation
  • Windows, Linux and Java versions
  • Multiple signatures in a single file
  • Automatic digital certificate selection
  • ...

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Why proXSign®

proXSign® is compatible with a wide variety of environments. It runs in numerous operating systems and web browsers and is extremely easy and quick to integrate into web-, desktop-applications and back-end systems. Last but not least, proXSign® incorporates most widely used digital signing standards, such as XMLDSig, and Adobe PDF (ISO/IEC 32000-1:2008).

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Who is using proXSign®

proXSign® is intended for digital signing in critical environments which leave no room for error. It is most commonly used in B2B secure environments, on-line banking applications, G2B & G2C web portals, electronic invoicing applications, ERP systems etc.

"Some of the most important users of proXSign are: VeriSign Inc., Banka Koper Intesa San Paolo Group, Abanka Vipa Slovenia, Ministry of Defense of Slovenia, Ministry of Public Administration of Slovenia, Slovenian Police, Telekom of Slovenia, Si.mobil-Vodafone, Mobitel Slovenia, Sella Bank Italy, SpeedSign Romania, Infocamere Italy, Informatica El Corte Ingles Spain etc."

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How to use proXSign®

  • Experience the proXSign on-line demo.
  • Download and use proXSign® integration code generating wizard to get code samples.
  • Download the proXSign® component package, follow the Getting started manual and include digital signing within your web application in just 10 minutes.
  • Contact proXSign online help assistant and get additional support for integration and use of proXSign components.

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