Deliver trust in on-line e-business

proXSign® is available as a web browser plug-in for both, Microsoft and Linux operating systems.

Use proXSign® to instantly deploy digital signing and data encryption over the internet for your WEB application.
Supported browsers:
- Internet Explorer
- FireFox
- Chorme
- Opera
- Safari (coming soon)

Integration of digital signing and/or encryption is supported with the same javaScript code for all browsers.

The proXSign® component uses native Microsoft libraries and does not require additional sets of libraries.

All major smart cards that are compatible with Microsoft Certificate Store or Mozzila certificate store are supported.

proXSign® components are available for major Linux distributions and FireFox browsers (see the complete list).

Supported standards for use in desktop applications:

Digital signing:
- PDF Digital Signature (PKCS#7)

- W3C XMLEnc