Unzip the package and run setup. The setup will install GUI Wizard application and it will unpack proXSign component suit with corresponding documentation and usage samples. Note: In order to test components for Linux OS, unpack package on Windows OS and retrieve Linux proXSign components.

If you are evaluating proXSign
: proXSign® by default runs in trial mode with full functionality. Trial mode has unlimited evaluation period and cannot be used for production. Please note that in order to limit the use of trial components, proXSign randomly displays pop-up messages with trial mode notifications. Upon purchase and activation of your application server domain names, trial mode is automatically switched to production mode and the applications that incorporate proXSign® components may be published for production use.

If you have already purchased proXSign component: Use your account credentials which you have received after purchase to activate your application server domain names. Immediately after entering a new domain name, the installed component will automatically download a new license file from proXSign® licensing server (and will switch automatically from trial to production mode). Please note the option, that through your personalized account pages you can obtain the license file and distribute it manually with proXSign component.

Content of the download package (included proXSign components and documentation) :

  • SETCCE proXSign® XML
    • Win IE v1.2.15
    • Win FF v1.2.15
    • Win Chrome/Opera/Safari v1.2.15
    • Lin FF v1.2.15
    • MAC OSX Safari v1.2.15
  • SETCCE proXSign® PDF
    • Win IE v1.2.16
    • Win FF v1.2.16
    • Win Chrome/Opera/Safari v1.2.16
    • Lin FF v1.2.16
    • MAC OSX Safari v1.2.16
  • Documentation
    • Getting Started
    • proXSign XML interface documentation
    • proXSign PDF interface documentation
    • digital certificate usage
    • install manuals for end-users
  • Utilities
    • Testing certificates
    • Diagnostic Tool
    • Calculate certificate hash
    • GUI Wizard (proXSign code generation wizard)