How to use

How do I use proXSign components in my web application?

In order to use SETCCE proXSign® plug-in signing and encryption functionalities with web applications you need to integrate javaScript code in your web page. Learn more and check the samples of integration scripts.

proXSign® browser plug-in requires minimal user interaction to download and install from the specified source (SETCCE trusted server or your production server).

SETCCE provides support for many other development environments: Java, components with COM interfaces … – contact us to get the offer.

To get started:

  • Experience the proXSign on-line demo.
  • Download the distribution package and use proXSign® GUI Wizard Application - an integration code generating wizard to get code samples.
  • Download distribution package and follow the Getting started manual and include digital signing within your web application in just 10 minutes.
  • Contact proXSign support and get additional information needed for your successful integration and use of the proXSign® components.