Licensing models

Digital signing components of the proXSign® family are licensed separately as per one signature type, operating system and browser support:

•    digital signature type (XML signature / PDF signature)
•    operating system compatibility (Windows / Linux)
•    web-browser compatibility (IE / Firefox / Opera / Chorme / Safari),

e.g. proXSign® XML digital signature component for Firefox for Windows, or proXSign® PDF digital signature component for Firefox for Windows.

A license may be obtained for a bundle of components supporting more signature types, platforms or browsers (XML package, PDF package or a complete set). Regardless of the license obtained, the same DLL is used in order to keep the integration as simple as possible.

A regular proXSign® license which is available via proXSign® on-line shop is limited to the customer-specified domain name (the URL from which your web application is accessible) and is not limited in terms of number of end-users.

Domain name use

Example: if the web application into which you integrate the proXSign® component is running under "", you will purchase a domain name license for “*”.

After carrying out the purchase you will automatically receive your account credentials. Use them in the “My Account” section to enter your desired domain name and activate your license. Immediately after entering a domain name each installed proXSign® component will automatically obtain a new license file from the SETCCE proXSign® licensing server.

Note also that you may obtain the license file directly through the My Account section and distribute it yourself!

In order to obtain a royalty-free (unlimited domains) package please contact us directly!