Why proXSign®

The SETCCE proXSign® suite of digital signing components offers secure, easy and seamless integration into any web page, desktop-applications or back-end servers. It is specifically convenient for business, governmental, financial and other solutions and provides a complete set of functions for:

  • digital signing and verification of digital signatures,
  • asymmetric encryption and decryption (based on x.509 digital certificates) of any type of document or data string,
  • time stamping.

proXSign® is being constantly developed and improved by SETCCE, an established vendor and provider of solutions and services for legally valid paperless business. Over 25 million documents (web-based documents, electronic invoices, on-line banking documents etc.) per year are being digitally signed using proXSign® components.

Some of the most important advantages of proXSign® over other digital signing components are the following:

  • Wide Microsoft environment  compatibility ( Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven)
  • Linux RHEL 5.1, 5.3, Fedora 8, Ubuntu 9.04, Debian 5.03 (Lenny), OpenSUSE, Mandriva One Spring 2009 compatibility
  • Internet explorer support (version 6.0 and newer)
  • Firefox support (version 1.5 and newer)
  • Opera and Google Chrome compatibility
  • Compliance with global security standards and legislation
  • Reliability and robustness
  • proXSign® may be used as a COM component as well
  • Full support for X.509 certificates on any device– certificate system stores, smart cards, HSMs or other (PKI based).
  • Full multithreading
  • Small in size for easy distribution
  • .NET independent
  • The package contains a GUI wizard in order to easily and instantly generate code samples for quick integration

proXSign® has been recognized by World wide Web Consortium (W3C) as one of the world's few XMLDSig-compliant components.